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Time Trials

New 4-race BCC Time Trial Series

sponsored by

ValueTrend Wealth Management & Trek Store Barrie

Rather than a weekly or bi-weekly series, in 2020 there will be 4 BCC Time Trials. These would take place at 7:00pm on:

  • May 14, 2020

  • June 25, 2020

  • July 16, 2020

  • August, 20, 2020


Handicap system: There’s no excuse not to participate!

The new TT races allow riders of various fitness levels compete with faster riders. This is achieved by assigning a “handicap”- which is a scaled time bonus based on age and type of bike used.

With the handicap, now anyone could win a BCC TT race! Example: A female rider who is age 50 on a normal road bike has the opportunity, though a handicap, to compete on a level playing field with a 30 year old male racer on a full TT bike!

NOTE THAT 16 & UNDER, ALL WOMEN, and ANYONE 40 YEARS & OLDER GET A TIME HANDICAP. Age 40+ women get an extra time handicap.


Awards and prizes:

We’re excited to offer some new incentives to riders who wish to participate in the TT series. We will track the points of all racers through the 4 race series. One of the races – presumably one that a racer has not attended, or has had a poor result and/or low point score – will be dropped. Thus, the best times for 3 races of each regular attendee will be tallied.

At the final race, the man and woman with:

  • The best handicapped times for the series with a TT bike. Note that a road bike becomes a TT bike if aero bars are installed.

  • The best Eddy Merckx (no TT bike) handicapped times for the series

  • The best overall (non-handicapped) times for the series  either TT or regular road bike…i.e. whoever had the best time regardless of age, sex or bike.

shall receive a prize!

Winners get a Winner’s trophy, provided by ValueTrend Wealth Management. We’ll also give every participant who does 3 races some free bootie, courtesy of Trek Bike Store, Barrie