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Time Trials

The 4-Race BCC Thursday Night Time Trial Series

sponsored by

ValueTrend Wealth Management 

Note: There will be a $15 commitment fee upon registration for the series or $5 for individual sessions. The fee will be used for purchasing winning trophies.

Location: Ingram Road, off of Highway 93, north of Craighurst.

Parking: Use the Copeland Forest Parking Lot 2 at Line 4 and cycle back to the start line prior to the race.

**Please email Keith with any questions regarding the Time Trials**

There will be 4 BCC Time Trials this season. These will take place on the 3rd Thursday in each
month at 7:00 pm:

  • May 16, 2024

  • June 27, 2024 (Please note this date change)*

  • July 18, 2024

  •  August 15, 2024

  • Note: If the event is cancelled due to weather, it is to be re-scheduled for the following Thursday.

Please find below the google sheet link for the TT Registrations:

Handicap system: There’s no excuse not to participate!

The new TT races allow riders of various fitness levels compete with faster riders. This is achieved by assigning a “handicap”- which is a scaled time bonus based on age and type of bike used.

With the handicap, now anyone could win a BCC TT race!

Example: A female rider who is age 50 on a normal road bike has the opportunity, though a handicap, to compete on a level playing field with a 30 year old male racer on a full TT bike!

NOTE THAT 16 & UNDER, ALL WOMEN, and ANYONE 40 YEARS & OLDER GET A TIME HANDICAP. Age 40+ women get an extra time handicap (VTTA handicap).

This is taken directly from the VTTA (Vetrans TT Association) website, out of the UK,  to explain the handicaps:


Calculating your 'Plus' time

Many riders go faster than their standard time and the amount by which you beat your standard is referred to as your plus.  So if a 40 year old man completes 10 miles in 25 minutes exactly they will have beaten the standard by 1 minute and 6 seconds.  This is referred to as a plus of 1 minute and 6 seconds.  If a 75 year old man rides the same event in 29 minutes exactly, he will have beaten his standard by 1 minute and 20 seconds.  In this case the older rider has the greater plus and will have beaten the 40 year old on standard, despite going slower in real terms.

Thus your 'plus' is calculated by subtracting your standard time from your actual time (or distance in the case of 12 and 24 hour events).

(Riders do go slower than the standard and this will produce a minus time.  There's no shame in getting a minus - it's just the point from which you can go on to improve.)

Awards and prizes:

We’re excited to offer some new incentives to riders who wish to participate in the TT series. We will track the points of all racers through the 4 race series. One of the races – presumably one that a racer has not attended, or has had a poor result and/or low point score – will be dropped. Thus, the best times for 3 races of each regular attendee will be tallied.

At the final race, the male and female cyclist* with:

  • The best handicapped times for the series with a TT bike. Note that a road bike becomes a TT bike if aero bars are installed.

  • The best Eddy Merckx (regular road bike without aero bars) handicapped times for the series

  • The best overall (non-handicapped) times for the series either TT or regular road bike…i.e. whoever had the best time regardless of age, sex or bike.

shall receive a prize!

Winners get a Winner’s trophy, provided by ValueTrend Wealth Management. These will be presented at our end of year social and AGM evening. 

We’ll also give every participant who does 3 races some free booty.


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