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BCC Ride Routes

We will endeavor to post the routes before the Tuesday evening ride, however, we try to take into account wind direction and inclement weather patterns, when making the final decision at ride start. Generally the choice is to ride into the wind at start, and away from any inclement weather.

We have a 'Tornado' Tuesday policy, that if the weather is bad on Tuesday, we will do the ride on Wednesday instead. Wednesday 'Learn to Group Ride' will take presedence, however, for those involved. 

For Garmin Devices (Using Windows)

1 - Connect USB tether to Garmin and plug USB into USB port on computer.

2 - The display on the Garmin will indicate connection to mass storage device with an icon.

3 - You should see under 'File Explorer' your Garmin device listed.

4 - Open the BCC web site - Activities - Ride Routes.

5 - Click on the route to be down loaded. Note: you need to be logged into Strava before opening the Strava route.

For Strava routes

6 - Click on the three dots '...'

7 - Click on 'Export GPX'.

8 - Open 'File Exporer'.

9 - Open 'Downloads'.

10 - Open the Garmin folder.

11 - Drag the downloaded route to the 'New Files' folder.

12 - Safely eject your Garmin device from the computer.

13 - On your Garmin, scroll to Training, enter Training, scroll to Courses, scroll to your course, enter Ride. Continue to Navigate to the course or not, as you wish, by entering Yes or No.

For Ride with GPS routes:

14 - click on 'Send to Device' bar.

15 - Select the 'Garmin Edge' button and click 'Next'.

16 - Download the TCX file.

17 - Refer to 8 through 13 above to load the route to your Garmin.


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