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Bylaws & Constitution

Barrie Cycling Club Inc. – Bylaws & Constitution



1.1 The name of the club shall be: Barrie Cycling Club

1.2 This name shall be registered with the Government of Ontario under the requirements of the Corporations Act.

1.3 This name shall also be registered with the appropriate governing bodies of cycling sport.

1.4 Where necessary, such as on racing jerseys, the name may be abbreviated to BCC

1.5 In the following items the club means Barrie Cycling Club.


2.1 The club shall be registered with limited liability with the Government of Ontario.

2.2 The club shall be registered with Ontario Cycling (O.C.), and through this affiliation with the Canadian Cycling Association (C.C.A).

2.3 The club may affiliate with any other cycling organisations if this is proposed by the club executive, provided that it is beneficial to all members, or a significant number of members, or becomes a requirement of either of the Government or O.C. or if it is approved by a simple majority at the Annual General Meeting.

2.4 Club members may join other bodies without restriction provided that this is not precluded by either of the two affiliate organisations noted above.

2.5 Members joining other clubs must clearly inform all concerned clubs and must designate one as their first claim club, for whom they will participate in O.C. events.


3.1 The primary objective of the club shall be to foster and promote the sport and pastime of cycling in all its forms.

3.2 The club shall organise various categories of events to promote racing, and shall organise training and pleasure rides.


4.1 Executives of the club shall be elected for a term of one year commencing at the annual general Meeting at which they are elected and running until the Next Annual General Meeting when the following executive is elected.

4.2 Executives of the club shall be paid-up members in good standing.

4.3 The President shall direct the activities of the club and shall act as chairman at all meetings.

4.4 The Club Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, shall receive and send all correspondence for the club, shall fill in all forms, shall prepare agendas for meetings after discussions with the other officers and shall collect all matters relating to the club and retain it in such a manner that a complete records of the club activities can be maintained.

4.5 The Club Treasurer shall attend to all financial matters of the club and shall keep complete records of all moneys in and out of the club account. The Treasurer shall further take charge of any cash amounts received for the club and shall account for these and enter them into the accounts.


5.1 The management of the club shall be vested in the elected officials.

5.2 The term of the elected officials in one year, as noted in Section 4. If, however any official becomes unable or unavailable to perform the requisite duties the remaining officials shall co-opt an additional club member to fulfill the duties of the replaced official.

5.3 Remedies exist in the constitution for the replacement of any or all of the club officials by means of a special general meeting and an appropriate vote.

5.4 The elected officials may co-opt or appoint any other members of the club to any other offices and functions which will enhance the club and its operations.

5.5 The appointment of such members and their terms of reference will be published in the club newsletter after their appointment.

5.6 All such co-opted officials shall be responsible to the executive and for any matters affecting the image or the financial affairs of the club shall refer to the executive for confirmation.

5.7 In the event that any co-opted official is unable to perform the duties, or if their methods are not in conformation with the approach of the management, then the duties of such official shall be terminated by mutual agreement with the committee, or, in the event of serious disagreement, by the elected officials alone.

5.8 In the event that the membership is in substantial disagreement with any of the elected officials, the membership has the option of calling a Special General meeting and offering a vote of confidence in regards to the official(s). In the event that the vote of confidence is not passed the official(s) concerned shall resign and a replacement shall be voted into office.

5.9 The Executive may revoke or decline to renew the membership for any member who violates any of the club rules; or who otherwise behaves on a club event or website forum in a manner which seriously compromises the safety and/or enjoyment of the other participants; or who otherwise behaves in a manner which seriously compromises the Club’s aims and philosophy as outlined in the mandate.



6.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held after the end of the normal riding season. The meeting will generally be held in November or early December.

6.2 The A.G.M. will be held at a convenient location and will be advised to all members in the club website at least two weeks before the club date of the meeting.

6.3 The first purpose of the A.G.M. will be to receive reports from all elected officials and all others having conducted club business since the last Annual General Meeting.

6.4 The second purpose of the A.G.M. will be to consider amendments to the constitution and bylaws.

6.5 The A.G.M. will consider general business as well as any business raised by those present.


7.1 Each paid up member in good standing shall be entitled to attend and shall have one vote.

7.2 Proxy voting will be allowed at A.G.M.s and S.G.M.s provided that no member shall vote more than 10 proxies. Proxies shall generally be vested in the executive unless solicited by others. In this eventuality the person soliciting shall clearly indicate to the vote holder his position at the intended meeting.


8.1 The Club President shall chair the meetings, or in his/her/their absence some other member of the executive.

8.2 The meeting shall be generally run in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

8.3 Motions shall be proposed and seconded and sufficient discussion shall be voted on by the body of the meeting.

8.4 Voting shall be by a show of hands and shall be carried or defeated by a simple majority.

8.5 The president, chairperson need not vote, except in the event of a tie in which case his shall be the deciding vote.

8.6 A quorum consists of 5 members.

8.7 A quorum of the racing committee consists of 4 members of the committee.


9.1 Membership fees shall be as determined annually by the executive committee.

9.2 Fees shall be set for the following categories of members:

1. Full Membership
2. Youth Membership
3. Affiliate Membership



10.1 The treasurer is to keep account of the club funds and is to maintain a bank account with chequing privileges. In the event that the funds may be more than required in the short term he may also open a higher interest account.

10.2 Cheques may be issued by the President and the Treasurer as to the balance available and the correctness of the proposed transaction.



11.1 All rules of the C.C.A. and O.C. regarding conduct in races shall apply to club events except where specifically amended by the racing committee.

11.2 When the racing committee modifies or makes a ruling this shall be listed in a subsequent newsletter for the information of all riders. Any ruling shall come into force when made and agreed upon by a majority of a quorum of the racing committee.

11.3 For handicap trophy races riders must have ridden at least three time trials in the current season prior to the event, or they may be handicapped on the basis of the previous year’s net fastest time.


12.1 The director of racing will organize and coordinate all club and open events. However, he may appoint other club members to do the specific organization or parts of it for any particular event or series of events.

12.2 The organizer shall ensure that all competitors have signed a disclaimer before riding.



13.1 A website shall be maintained and kept up to date throughout the year to keep members advised of forthcoming events, news, changes, etc.



14.1 Discipline shall be the responsibility of the riding/racing committee for all matters pertaining to conduct in races.

14.2 The riding/racing committee shall consist of the club president, secretary and the race director plus two other racing members appointed by the executive.

14.3 A list of alternates will be maintained such that if any member of the committee is not available at a time when a discipline or riding/racing matter is to be discussed the first available person on that list shall become part of the committee for the matters in hand.

14.4 The riding/racing committee shall have the power to admonish, warn, suspend from club competition or otherwise penalise any member or guest rider found to be in default.

14.5 For disciplinary infractions incurred in O.C. or similar events the committee MAY add club penalties to any penalty imposed by  O.C.

14.6 The racing committee shall not have the power to suspend a club rider for more than one month or a guest rider for more than 6 months.

14.7 Any serious infraction may be referred to the committee of the whole club at the A.G.M. or a S.G.M. This committee shall have the power to suspend up to and may even suspend from all club privileges and membership.


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