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Emergency Response Checklist

Emergency Response Check List for BCC Members


  • Determine if all involved are responsive,

  • Determine if 911 is required (Police, Fire, Ambulance), check helmets for damage (cracked, impacted) to determine if there is head trauma,

  • Make sure scene is safe from traffic, create road block if necessary,

  • Stay coordinated, calm and collected,

  • Check airway, breathing and circulation functions,

  • Use first aid as required,

  • Keep victims warm and comfortable,

  • Make access for emergency vehicles as required,

  • Photograph scene if possible,

  • Determine emergency contact person and contact, delegate this task if possible,

  • Ask witnesses for statements, or arrange to get at a later date, get names and phone numbers,

  • Arrange for bicycles and other materials to be stored until pickup can be arranged,

  • Report accident to board,

  • Fill in appropriate accident report papers

Accident Report Form

In the event of an accident, the rider is responsible for completing and submitting the Accident Report Form (attached to the Tab below) to the OCA within 48 hours of the accident. Please contact any ride marshal if you need help in completing or have any questions.


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