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BCC Bursary Guidelines

The BCC offers to its athletes a bursary program to support their competitive cycling needs that they are faced with as they develop in their chosen sport.


A bursary that is issued to an athlete is in the form of a grant, and as such, is not expected to be returned to the club in monetary form.


The club may require that the athlete agree to take part in certain club functions, to advance the experience of cycling for its members. Examples of these appearances might be: speaking of their season highlights at the annual AGM meeting, taking part in sanctioned rides throughout the year, and/ or assisting with OCA races that the club sponsors. Further to this, athletes are to allow photographs and videos of themselves at BCC events or at their racing events to be used for BCC website and social media. Expectations of the athlete will be documented on the returned portion of the ‘Application Form’ that must be submitted by the athlete seeking a club bursary.  Contact the BCC Board of Directors through the website to be sent an application. 


The BCC Board of Directors will receive and administer all applications for the bursary program. Complete applications will be reviewed by the board who will determine the recipients based on the allocation of funds available and calibre of applications.  


Eligible athletes must be:


- a member of BCC, or have been a member in the past, as they have progressed forward with their current discipline and ranking within the competitive cycling community.


-  in good standing with the OCA and/or the CCA. 


-  able to present a letter from their primary coach, recognizing the need for the bursary and indicating the benefits that the bursary will provide the athlete.


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