BCC Store

New to BCC this year: Many of our club members enjoy cycling (cyclocross, fatbike, studded tire road riding), cross country skiing and snowshoeing throughout the winter.  BCC and Bioracer are offering some excellent winter clothing suitable for outdoor activity.  The jackets are more generous than typical cycling jackets, designed for layering underneath.  If you prefer a tighter fit then order a size smaller than your usual.  Check out the options by clicking on the Winter Wear and XC-Ski tab above or by clicking on the following link:  https://mybioracer.ca/collections/barrie-cc-nordic

The store will close for orders on September 26th at midnight.  

Our BCC Club Store is open again. Orders can be made until Tuesday, August 30th (midnight). Delivery date is estimated for the beginning of November.

New for this store opening are cool and cold weather cycling bibs, tights and jackets in the tempest material (warmer, water resistant and breathable).  We’ll also added some cross-country ski clothing that doubles as even warmer athletic winter cycling clothing.

We are very excited to re-launch the Barrie Cycling Club in 2022 with a new, top of the line kit created by Bioracer.  Good sizing charts are available on the site by clicking on the item of choice, as well, detailed descriptions of most items are provided in this way.  Click the BLUE Tabs above to see the Bioracer website featuring the Barrie Cycling Club clothing. 


ALL items ordered will be in the BCC branding, even if some of the images in the store may show in stock colours.


Ladies, there are options to order bib shorts with or without a back zipper.  A back zip is a feature added to some female bib shorts to allow quick, on the go bathroom stops.  The zipper runs north-south, along the back of the spine.  The zipper is fully covered with a fabric to prevent irritation on the skin.


If you want to do a deep dive into the different fabrics Bioracer has created check out: https://www.bioracer.com//en/research/technological-fabrics.  In the meanwhile, here are some basic descriptions of the product lines:


EPIC: The Epic line is all about performance. The bioadaptive fabrics combined with a race position fit ensure optimal aerodynamics. The high-end finish adds a unique fast look. This apparel is ideal for speed addicts, men and women who want to take their performance to the next level.


ICON: The Icon line ensures ultimate comfort while keeping performance in mind. The classic body fit provides an extra relaxed feel. This apparel is ideal for cyclotourists and people who enjoy smooth rides.


BIORACER TEMPEST: Tempest is a thermal, breathable, water repellent material for colder weather used in a variety of items (Jackets, Leggings, etc).  It has a breathable, brushed layer of microfiber and an outer layer that protects the body from cold. This textile has undergone a treatment during the weaving process. During this process, special threads are woven into the textile, which form a physical barrier from water. This is how we obtain a material that is water-repellent, breathable, quick-drying and comfortable. Because it is woven in, rather than a coating applied on top, these features are permanent, even after repeated use and washing.