Interclub Races

Interclub #1 Beeton

Sunday, May 31, 10:00 start

Beeton South Course, sponsored by NECC. Parking and registration at: Tecumseth South Central Public School 2124 10th Side Rd, Tottenham

Interclub #2 Eugenia

Saturday, July 18, 10:00 start

sponsored by Collingwood Cycling Club. 

Parking and registration at: 

Eugenia Falls Emporium  located on Grey Rd 13 in Eugenia

Interclub #3 Horseshoe

Date TBA, 10:00 start

sponsored by your BCC. 

Parking and registration at: 

Horseshoe Valley Memorial Park 3331, 4 Line N, Shanty Bay

Interclub TT Challenge

Date TBA, 6:30pm start

sponsored by your BCC. 

Parking at: 

Copeland Forest Parking P2

These are wonderful, fun road riding events for cyclists of all different ability levels. See below for a description of how they work. Known as an "Australian Pursuit Race", groups are started at different intervals with the goal of having all groups arrive at the finish line together. It is a good practice to arrive early enough (9:00 am) to drive around the course so you know what to expect. You could also arrive early enough (9:00 am) to do a lap of the course as a warm up. Registration is always set up by 9:30 at the latest. You must belong to the Barrie Cycling Club, the Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club or the Collingwood Cycling Club to attend. Fee is only $5.

Specific Rules for Interclub Pursuits:

a) Participants are divided into groups according to their ability. The groups are set off at intervals in a ‘handicapped’ system. The race secretary calculates the handicaps based on past performance and they may not be disputed. You must set off in the group you are assigned to.

b) The usual formation used is the single paceline or double rotating paceline. The objective is to work together within your group to catch and pass all the groups ahead of you (or to stay away from all the groups behind) and, after completing all the laps, to cross the finish line first. Drafting is allowed among any participants in this type of event.

c) Safe group riding practices, as well as the general rules that relate to safety are also applicable to Pursuits. (Note: the use of aerobars is NOT allowed in Pursuits.

d) In Pursuits, you may ride competitively but NOT aggressively. Participants who ride recklessly, for example, by crossing the road’s centre line, or proceeding through intersections without due attention to approaching traffic will be disqualified.

e) The roads are totally open to traffic and no one is controlling traffic at intersections.

f) Intersections are neutralized. You have to proceed through intersections with regard to the rules of the road and give way to traffic with the right of way.

g) You must NEVER cross the yellow centre line or obstruct traffic.

h) When a faster group approaches a slower group, BOTH groups must single up and the slower group must not attempt to integrate with the faster group until all members of the faster group are clear.

i) If someone in your group crashes you must stop and give assistance and be prepared to give a witness statement for reporting to the OCA.

j) If you drop out of the event, you MUST inform the timekeeper.